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4 Things To Consider When Looking For Data Cabling Services

When you are planning for a business relocation, there are services which your moving company cannot offer you. One of them is cable locating. If you have to move with your computers, phones and other machineries, then cable locating has to be done before the actual move. Below are things to consider when choosing data cabling services which will help you with cable locating.

Overall costs

Sometimes, it may be easier to replace your machinery after business relocation instead of going through cable locating and disconnecting. This is because it may require some construction whose costs you may be forced to meet. However, if you are determined to move with all your phone systems, try finding data cabling services that have good customer reviews. Agree on the cost before the cable locating process is done. You should also request that they make as little construction damage as possible in order to save on costs.


If you have a big business, then business relocation may take a few days before it is complete. Cable locating should be done before the moving day to avoid confusion and delays. You should therefore be sure to hire data cabling services a week or more before the actual day so that they can have adequate time for cable locating and disconnection. Doing the process in a hurry could lead to more construction damage than necessary and, worse still, damage to your cables. Therefore, give the data cabling services enough time to prepare and work for the best outcome.


You should discuss insurance with your data cabling service providers before cable locating is done. You should ensure that the services you hire before business relocation have an insurance policy that will compensate you in case damage is done. It is important not to deal with cable locating service providers that do not have a specific and clear insurance policy. Replacing damaged data cables can be a very expensive process which will add an unnecessary financial burden on you.

Destination installation

If your business relocation is within the same city or state, you should ask the data cabling services whether they can reinstall the cables in your new business. This will save you on the costs, time and effort that are required to find new trustworthy data cabling services. It will also be a good way to ensure that no damage was done during cable locating, disconnecting and moving. The data cabling services should be able to offer fault testing on your cables to ensure that they all work.

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