Understanding the Benefits of Using a Phone Service

4 Important Features to Look For in a Business Phone System

Business phone systems have the advantage of saving you and your employees a lot of time and energy in conveying messages. You can send and receive messages across your office by a push of a button. However, not all business phone systems are the same. Below are some features to look for when looking for a business phone system.

Hold Music

When a client calls into your office and you are in a meeting or on another call, they may have to hold before they can be connected to you. During this time, the client may get bored or tired of waiting for the call to go through in silence. Having hold music makes the wait seem shorter and more interesting. The music may also keep the client entertained, therefore decreasing the chances of them hanging up. When looking to buy business phone systems, consider buying one with the hold music feature.

Speed dial

In a big business, it is hard to know every person's number by heart. Although with time it can be possible, you should still look for business phone systems that have the speed dial feature. Speed dial allows you to save the numbers of regularly called numbers so that you can access them by pressing one to three buttons. Instead of having an eight or ten digit number memorized, you just have to remember the speed dial button assigned to the name, and the business phone system will dial the number for you. This feature frees you from physical and mental stress.

Multiple calls

The business phone system you buy should allow you to make conference calls in the comfort of your office. This feature should be for calls both inside and outside of your office. In-house conference calls allow you to hold a meeting without having to physically be in the same room. This means that you can multitask where possible. Being able to have a conference call with people that are not in your business building saves you money that you would have used for transportation, time and energy. 


Call forwarding becomes necessary when you have closed your business and your clients still need to get in touch with you. Get a business phone system that will allow you to forward calls that come into the system directly to the number that you will be using. This can be during business relocation, holiday periods or when you have closed down because of emergencies. Call forwarding allows you to maintain your clients even when you are not in business.